daydream sequence

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Lebbeus Woods, San Francisco: Inhabiting the Quake, Quake City, 1995
Exhibition, Lebbeus Woods at the Drawing Center, New York, Apr 17, 2014 - Jun 15, 2014

"Shit-talkers are like crickets. When I walk by, they’re silent. Minute later, they’re chirping."

- my roommate

fuck migraines.


goodbye weekend :(




These are a few of my favorite pictures of her. #dreamgirl

Okay - just from a semiotics/art appreciation standpoint - 

Do you notice that in her images where she is topless, she is not sexualized in the way that scantily clad women often are in photography? She looks aggressive, or like she’s just standing around doing whatever. She does NOT look submissive or “come hither”. The expression in one of these is a “fuck you” expression and sometimes the expression is playful - but aggressively so.

She is posed the way that half-naked men are posed. NOT half-naked women.

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Today we’re going to go on a class trip! *hands out acid*

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